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Company Information

Located in downtown Little Current, Keatley Surveying Ltd. opened in August of 2007 replacing William J. Keatley Limited offering Professional Land Surveying services. 

Keatley Surveying Ltd. has purchased the records of the past surveyors of the Manitoulin. These records consist of the field notes, plans and sketches of T.J. Patten who surveyed in the area for the first part of the 20th Century; Dane Wandabense who had offices in Little Current and Espanola at different times in the mid 1900's; Lou Emon who was based in Little Current for a good part of the 60's, 70's and 80's; and William J. Keatley Limited running from 1974 through 2007 consisting of over 4700 area surveys. 

 Keatley Surveying Ltd. hold a Certificate of Authorization issued by the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors which permits us to provide cadastral surveying services (more commonly known as "Land Surveying" to the public. 



Subdivisions & Condominiums

To subdivide on a larger scale than through the severance or consent process, we can help with the whole process of creating a subdivision from five lots to any number your property can support.   Another option is to divide by condominium where there are options for the traditional condominium through to vacant land and common elements condominiums, either of which could be used to create a more private development without public streets and parks.

Building a Fence.

If you intend to build a fence, you don't want to build it twice!  Finding and verifying your property boundaries before spending time and money is more important than many think. 

Having had to address the most commonly asked questions, such as 'where can I build a fence?', we can help you to learn what options you have regarding the location and construction of a fence.

The age old phrase 'good fences make good neighbours' does not just refer to a well built fence, but to a fence that is located properly so as to not cause dispute.

Building a House

If you are building, ask about your options.  From as little as marking and verifying the bars already on your property corners, to accurately establishing your corners for the first time and laying out the building corners for construction, we are ready to help.

With little additional work, we can prepare a Surveyor's Real Property Report which will verify to the building inspector and a lending institution (if you are mortgaging) that the building is on the property, clear of required setbacks, and that none of your neighbour's buildings are on your property.

Severance Applications to Create New Lots

Officially known as an Application for Consent under Section 53 of the Planning Act, severance applications and subsequent surveys are a large part of our business. 

If you would like to create up to four parcels from your property you can apply for consent to sever under the Planning Act.  If your property as already been severed, you might not be able to go through the consent process.  

Although you can prepare the necessary applications yourself, we would be glad to help.
If you would like us to take care of everything, we will prepare and submit the necessary applications, survey the property and provide you with a  Reference Plan.  All that is left is to take the planning board decision and reference plan to your lawyer to transfer the property.

Pre-Development & Engineering Surveys

Prior to even building, architects and engineers are frequently asking for detailed 3-dimensional surveys of your property within which to design your buildings and landscaping.  Having performed hundreds of these types of surveys, the staff of Keatley Surveying Ltd. are ready to provide the detail your designer needs. 

Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys can involve the running of a property limit that has never been surveyed or agreed upon, or retracing the historical location of a boundary, the position of which is unknown.  Many of the 100 acre lots on Manitoulin Island have never had any kind of survey work done since the mid 1800's to look into the locations of the limits and hiring a Professional Land Surveyor will ensure that a landowner does not come up short agreeing to a rudimentary line set with a compass or a handheld GPS.

Case law in Ontario will frequently side with a line that was agreed upon at some point in time even if one of the owners ends up with significantly less property than their deed, or the original Township Survey, indicates.  A well known case in Tehkummah Township resulted in an owner having less than 400 feet of frontage on a lot that was intended to have 1320 feet due to an uninformed agreement over an erratic fence.